Jeff Gundlach ‘A Foolish CEO’: Me

You really need not go further than here to see the foolish comments of Jeff Gundlach. Yes, Jeff. I don’t care if you’re a pseudo-successful CEO of some company. You have wet dreams about the kind of money Apple brings in *and* you’re beyond jealous that Apple – not Jeff Gundlach, CEO of Jeff Gundlach Enterprises – has had the best quarter of any public company…. ever. The fact that you cannot recognize this and need to bash the company and its stock shows you are, at best, a hit-whore or attention-seeker. You analysts never get the big picture and always post comments out of your ass worse than any weather-person predicting the weather.

I look forward to seeing how Jeff Gundlach Enterprises is doing. Can you show comparable numbers or do you just sit in a corporate chair with a plaque on your desk that says, “Jeff Gundlach CEO.” I suspect you are the latter.

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