When AVG is a selling point, you lost your argument.

I have a good friend who loves his Android phone and tablet. So much so, you could call him the fandroid to my own Apple fanboyism. He can’t wait to tell you what the iPhone/iPad can’t do that his Android stuff can. However, his own arguments actually trip him up, in some respects, as do some facts on the interweb. Today, we take his statements to task.

  1. Ringtones – Ok. This one is where Android wins. You want sound? You can download them from some free place and they’re ready to go. No converting. No using iTunes. Just good to go.
  2. Prcoessor – While trying to espouse the benefits of having a 4-core CPU, I advised that the iPhone 5’s still-dual-core A6 actually outdoes the quad-cores that Android uses. I should point out, outdoes does not always mean the score is higher, but close enough to the others that the quad-core CPUs should be flogging themselves for not being substantially faster. Proof? Yes. πŸ™‚ I have that here. Moral of the story? Don’t boast about having double the cores of the iPhone if your actual work done by those 4 cores is more like the work of 2 (ok… we all know the A6’s dual core is doing the work of quad cores ;)).
  3. Battery life – It was pointed out to me, after explaining about how good the A6 is, that the iPhone’s battery life is not optimized, so it doesn’t matter how good the A6 is. Once again, Tom’s Hardware with facts is used here. I see no evidence that the iPhone is trounced in battery life.
  4. Yeah, but does your phone have AVG? – And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the epic fail of your system. You see, this friend of mine absolutely hates Windows. He’s a Linux guy. One of the things he doesn’t want to worry about is malware on his laptop. Now, as most individuals know, no system is completely safe from malware, but some are better at prevention.
    Phones, more so than tablets, are more intimate devices. They’re with you. They have pictures of your children, loved ones, pets, and ready to be used to take more pictures at a moment’s notice. There are plenty more examples, but you get the idea. So… when someone espouses anti-virus type software for their phone (and even says it like it’s a good thing), that’s a fail of epic proportions for a system. I don’t ever want a device that needs anti-malware.
  5. The internet should be free. – Another complaint he made against the iPhone is that most apps aren’t free, or you can only get the lite apps free. He suggested that the concept of Linux is that everything on the web should be free. If you develop something, share it with everyone. That’s a great idea…. unless you’re a software developer who makes a living by creating and selling software. However, this is a typical mindset of Android users. Stuff should be free. Open means free, so they claim. I know if I developed (good) software, I’d want money for it. The first few takes would probably be free for feedback. This is the main reason iOS typically gets stuff first. This is your paying audience.
  6. Now… the kicker. Combine the Processor paragraph with AVG… with the real multi-tasking that geeks love to mention. – Androids already aren’t as efficient or smooth as an iPhone with double the amount of cores. Add to that multi-tasking, where AVG must run in the background to check for malware, and Android phones will soon need a 6-core CPU just to keep up and almost have smooth scrolling. For every person who hates this concept on Windows, why do this to yourself again? If you really want the openness that you claim Apple denies you, jailbreak the iPhone. There’s quite a bit of software for jailbroken phones that you can get.

Taken. To. Task. With. Verifiable. Facts.

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