Apple’s New Maps App Is Teh Suck?!!!111

That’s all I’ve been reading today — how bad the new Maps app is. I used it yesterday for turn-by-turn directions and it worked quite nicely. That’s not to say I believe it is without issues.

It’s just that, not even 2 years ago, Google Maps had my old address wrong. I put in an address, followed it in street view, and my old house had the wrong number completely. Only 4 months back, Google maps had me driving to some poor guy’s house instead of a business park where I had an interview. It was most amusing watching Google maps take me from the location of the building I needed to be to the residential house all by using the Current Location > Address I put in (which, again, was where I already was sitting). FOUR months ago…

So, yes, Google maps has a lot of information. Some of that lot is wrong, even in 2012 with “7+ years of map data” (or whatever the BS figure is). Give Apple Maps some time.

In the meantime, can people just STFU and stop parroting other articles?

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