Flash is dead. It’s Apple’s fault.


You can never win talking to someone whose mind is made up, regardless of facts being added to the equation.

Read the article. Then read the comments.

Flash for mobile sucked. Now it’s officially dead. Yet, there are idiots blaming Apple for its demise. I’m sorry. Weren’t these the *same* idiots who said Android would win because it had Flash and Flash enabled people to have the “full web experience?” Pssst. “Full web experience” is euphemism for “Xhamster requires Flash” because I’ve very rarely missed out on the web by using iOS.

Flash sucked in 2007. It sucks in 2012. I realize some people still use/need it, but let’s not pretend it’s good. And really, Adobe is pulling it, so perhaps these misguided comments about whose fault it is that Flash never got better should be directed at the company who makes it.

Sometimes Steve Jobs was a visionary. Mostly, I think, he just wasn’t afraid to say when something sucked. Flash sucked. Adobe finally concedes…

Flash proponents, please STFU now.

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