Android – Striving for Mediocrity since 2008

You will hear it time and time again from IT nerds who need to drone on about the benefits of Android. What do we hear……

* It’s open
* Better hardware
* Flash
* HDMI Out
* Flash (Hahahahahahahahaha!!)

So, what I want to know is, why does better hardware (and yes, in a lot of cases, Android tablets have a better CPU and more memory) result in shittier performance? Android 3.0, the first tablet OS of Android, was supposed to be “the second coming.” As you will see by my video taken at Best Buy this past weekend, Android just doesn’t cut it.

Did you notice the exceptional choppiness from a tablet boasting Honeycomb (Android 3.0) and a dual-core processor? A Toshiba WhoGivesACrapper or whatever its brand name is.

Compare and contrast to last year’s iPad running GarageBand. It’s a smooth experience, matched by no Android devices to date. In fact, if Android needs a quad-core 2GHz AppleSmasher CPU just to get fluidity, you have *no* argument. At all.

Ah, a thing of beauty *and* responsiveness! 🙂

Lastly, if one chooses to get the Android tablet under the assumption it’s cheaper, it’s only cheaper by $20. For a mere $20 savings, you, too, can have the shittier tablet experience. Doesn’t seem worth it. And for *real* IT nerds, they know how to jailbreak an iPad and get a better experience than any Android tablet on the market thus far.

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