Say goodbye to era of Mac malware immunity…. again.

It never gets old. These “the sky is falling” analysts who so desperately need to get paid by putting out articles like this. When will people learn that there’s almost NO immunity to a Trojan Horse attack – except for the intellect (or lack thereof) of the user?

In this article, John R. Quain (who works for MSNBC, no less) is trying to convince you that the Mac’s day has come – here comes the malware. John, you obviously need to get added to Gruber’s Wolf list ASAP.

To drive the point home for those who don’t know what a Trojan Horse is, it’s simply a program disguised as another program. So, this MacDefender program (or whatever it’s called) requires TWO things for you to be infected.

  1. YOU have to download it. Maybe even unzip it (Safari, depending on its settings, may do that for you).
  2. YOU have to install it. YOU have to provide your admin username and admin password so this thing can hook itself into your system.

So, as we can see, the weakest link here…. IS YOU. What’s even funnier is, the web sites that pretend to scan your system are showing Windows screens, not Mac screens. So, if a Windows screen scares you into believing you’re infected and you need this program….. YOU DESERVE THE END RESULT.

As for John R. Quain, I believe his credibility comes down quite a few notches after this article.

Say goodbye to era of Mac malware immunity

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