The future of Google’s “any kind of app can be installed” is already here. It’s called Facebook.

I don’t have a link this time around. No points of reference except anecdotal, but I suspect everyone will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Google’s argument is that they’re the opposite of Apple – open-source and everybody can make an app to go onto the Android marketplace. No moderation. And Google has been quick to remove malware when discovered. The IT-geek crowd loves it and will do everything they can do to convince you why you should love it. They’ll drone on and on about Apple’s abusive policy, etc., etc.

Apple’s system is closed (though as I point out, the *real* hackers know how to jailbreak it and, in fact, have to do the same thing to Android anyway, due to all the carrier BS software on it). Apple’s security is good and they curate the store. They have to approve everything and, yes, things have gotten past them. So, we’re not talking about a perfect solution, but safer than Android thus far.

So, now that I’ve repeated the same thing ad nauseam, let’s look at the future of “any app” without curation. Look no further than Facebook. In the past week, especially, you will see A LOT of posts where people have been tagged in a link to “find out who’s been snoopin’ on your profile.” Then, the unsuspecting tagged user clicks on it to see why their friend tagged them and they get taken to a page that auto-likes them and has immediate posting access on their wall. Thus the cycle begins again. Sometimes this is harmless, but an anti-virus scan may turn up way more than you would ever want.

There is a point here. Facebook is the “no curation” system today. Imagine if a program had all kinds of access to your phone (because people DON’T READ what a program may access) and it starts auto-sending text subscriptions to numbers (along with stealing all your info from your phone). Fighting for no curation is like fighting for a city without police. The end results are the same.

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