When Microsoft can’t steal, copy, or get there first, its management becomes whiny babies!

Where to start…. where to start.

  • Mac OS vs. Windows – Well, we all know how that turned out. Poorly-written contracts allowed Microsoft to completely copy the Mac’s look-and-feel, including elements with the same name. No creativity. I’d have had more respect for MS had they actually developed something without Apple’s assistance. Nonetheless, we are where we are and Microsoft apologists still insist that Apple’s currently 10-year old OS (though, each point iteration is considered new) has almost no malware because of its low market share. Methinks these same idiots have not only not kept up with Apples’ quarterly sales numbers, they’re also too stupid to pass a Statistics 101 class. End result – No whining.
  • Microsoft is filing to prevent Apple from trademarking App Store because it’s too generic of a term. Really? Because last time I checked, it doesn’t get much more generic than Windows which, by the way, was the original name of the GUI element. So, Microsoft in its lack of innovation or originality, named their OS after the GUI element. Let’s not forget, Explorer, Office, Word, Outlook…. all generic terms. End result – Whiny babies.
  • Bill Gates Predicts Tablets to Be the ‘Most Popular Form of PC Sold in America’ – What he meant was, a Windows tablet with no optimization for tablet form, other than a stylus. Again, Microsoft has NO VISION (unless they VIEW Apple doing it). I should clarify that Apple is not always the first with stuff. Microsoft has come up with plenty of stuff on its own, but it’s usually not user-friendly in any way (though your favorite tech guy will be happy to show you the very-easy 75 steps needed to perform said function). No, since the iPad’s release in 2010, it sold over 14,000,000 (more than Microsoft’s attempts to sell a tablet since 2001). End result – Tablets might be a flash in the pan: Microsoft global chief strategy officer

The list could go on and on, but we’ll stop here for now.

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