Why is the truth so difficult?

It’s difficult because the truth doesn’t create sensational headlines. It is impressive how far Android has come since the G1. Android has helped make the smartphone ubiquitous. You can buy an iPhone or you can buy an Android phone. Sorry, Windows mobile users. You still don’t count yet.

However, can we add some truth to numbers? I don’t care if Android is winning, in the sense of market share. When you give away your product and do BOGO offers, I expect your product will go far and wide.

Here’s where I take issue with market share counts.

  1. OMS & Tapas OS – These are based on Android, but don’t actually run Android stuff. That’s like retooling Linux to only run Windows apps, but it gets counted as an official distribution of Linux. That would be a pure lie. So is counting these your worldly numbers…
  2. When counting Android to iOS, please do just that. Most sites do not. iPhone is ONE phone. It runs iOS. Android is an OS. It runs on multiple phones (and not on much else – yet). What I seem to have problems finding (and I will keep looking) is the total worldwide market share of each.

Most keep using smartphones as their method of determining, but as I’ve said, Android mostly runs on phones (with only one official Honeycomb device tablet), whereas iOS runs on iPhones, iPod touch, Apple TV, and iPads. I want a device-agnostic count, and I can’t seem to find one, which means either side can skew their numbers (though the Android side keeps doing it more – see point #1 again to refresh your memory).

Android will do well. No doubt. But dammit…. TELL THE TRUTH!

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