Hit whores strike again.

You knew these comparisons would already be made. It’s funny that in 2011, techies (if you can call someone who blogs for a computer site that) still look at specs as if those are the only things that matter. Instead of writing a giant blog myself, I’m going to quote others. There are some statements that are so eloquently put, they completely destroy anything Mr. Gralla has to say.

acslater017 says:

I agree. Steve Jobs said it right when he noted that other companies are looking at it like the next PC market. They’re pushing specs, specs, specs and lagging behind in user interface, design, and integration – Apple’s specialties. OK, webOS has great multitasking and notifications. Android has customization. I’ve used the Xoom in person and it’s pretty bad – one of those things that looks great on paper or in a demo but feels half-baked in your hands. iPad/iOS is imperfect but it’s got the best overall package. When will these companies realize that 90 percent of consumers don’t care about specs! They care about experience! A droid commercial says, “It’ll turn you into a texting machine! It’s got a 1.2 GHz processor and a 7 megapixel camera!!”. An iPhone commercial says, “Look at all these apps we’ve got. The screen is the sharpest ever, so your photos will look great and reading is a lot easier.” 90% of consumers don’t care if a tablet has USB ports, how many MB of RAM it has, or how fast its clock speed is. They wanna know, is it fun to use? Is it comfortable? Does it look cool? Does it have good apps? I’m a techie, and those are my concerns too.

2 cents says:

+1 What we have here is a paradigm shift that Jobs saw and helped create. People are scrambling to catch up and most don’t get it–including many here. Let me explain. Used to be, geeks bought computers. They’d examine specs and all sorts of stuff that “normal people” don’t understand or care about. When normal people bought computers, they’d ask geeks what to get. Geeks gave them horrible advice and that’s why aunt Martha is terrified of her email program to this day. That’s why DOS won out over the Mac back in the 80s. That’s why a 5 person company needs one of those employees to do full time tech support. That’s why computers became something you “program” instead of a tool you just use like another tool. Geeks, there’s your problem. Now, along comes Steve v2 and he cuts through all that. Anyone can buy a Mac and run their stuff with a minimum of tech assistance. But Steve went a step further. Hands on road testing and friendly tech assistance is as close as your nearest apple store. When you get there, you try out an iPhone or iPad and realize that it’s not really a computer at all. You can pick it up and use it without knowing much of anything about computers. Now add the ecosystem (and believe me, MobileMe will end up being a HUGE factor here in the near future) and Steve’s you uncle. Most geeks can’t really understand what a revolution this is for regular folk. I see people I know using apple products that are deady afraid of computers and illiterate of all things tech. Apple has huge mind share among them and the young as well–because the young are unburdened by the history of the stuff. They are post-OS wars. No other tech company even has a clue at this point as to how to compete with this. The most often thought of competitor, google, is a clueless clown by comparison. Their offerings are disjointed and that’s being kind. That’s why google and MS geeks are so frustrated by apple. In the end, they think it’s all marketing. Why else would people buy apple products? They must be dumb and succeptible to marketing. Yeah, that’s it! (best Jon Lovitz voice) I look for apple to actually expand it’s dominance in the foreseeable future. They can use their mind share, ecosystem, cash reserves, and buying power as formidable weapons. Now, what a turnaround that is for apple pre-2000! In my mind, this makes Jobs the most brilliant CEO of our time. PS. For anyone that brings up the android market share argument, think again. It’s is very flawed. Hardware companies get a free spyware OS they have no control of and make cheap hardware to sell with it–with no tech support or ecosystem. Many will go broke, few will understand why. CEOs, prepare your golden parachutes.

Another goodie by 2 cents:

Riight! We’ve all been through it. I gave my old SE30 to a friend. He called me in a panic one day. He thought he backed up all his files by making an alias of his work folder onto a floppy. Now tell me why Aunt Martha needs control of her file system again.

Don’t worry. If you’re a speccie, you can find some of the pro-Android arguments at the link below on why Specs are Better Than Sex™ (which would explain the lack of sex from most of these nerds living in their parents’ basement).

Motorola Xoom versus the iPad 2 — the Xoom is a clear winner

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