The sky is falling… again.

My Windows-using friends LOVE these articles. They like to point out how, as the Mac user-base gets larger, the Mac becomes just as insecure as Windows. I’ve asked – time and time again – for legitimate proof of code that runs without tricking the user into entering an admin username and password. Amazing how they seem to back off after that.

This beautiful new trojan is just that – A TROJAN! That means you have to install it first for it to sink its hooks into the OS. Now, is there the possibility it’s a regular app that shoots up a fake “admin username and password” dialog box and then installs something more? Could be, but then you should realize if a computer is just randomly asking for credentials it shouldn’t need.

Everyone loves to quote a 3% market share number for Macs, but the number is much higher for the consumer market, and a LOT higher for the > $999 market (the latter being where you’d think criminals would strike).  As you can see from the provided link, these statistics are not necessarily new.  It’s just that most Windows users keep repeating their lie:  “Low market share means no malware.”

What amazes me most is that most people with a computer science degree should have taken statistics, but I suspect they slept through that class.  Statistically speaking, the Mac should have far more malware than it does, simply because there are a LOT of unprotected Macs to attack with an easy payload. More than likely, however, Macs are probably a pain to hack (perhaps not impossible), thus showing that the OS was actually designed with security in mind, whereas Windows was designed with “how can we get this everywhere” in mind.

No OS is 100% immune, but no OS can truly protect the users from themselves. If a user is inclined to provide their ABA and account numbers to allow the Nigerian king to transfer $5,000,000,000,000,000 into their account, there’s really nothing you can do to help that fool not give their username and password out for no reason to a piece of malware. You can’t fix stupid!

Now in beta: OS X backdoor Trojan

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