How ‘open’ is Google, really?

How ‘open’ is Google, really?

I don’t even have to change the article’s name. The link is below – it’s a CNN article and they should get full credit for the title.
I won’t get into too much detail, as this article does a phenomenal job. It just goes to show that everyone and their mother just like to say the word “open” as if they know what it means (beyond describing a door’s status).

Let’s touch of the main points, shall we.

  • Google is open to its partners, not consumers – Sure, you’ll have some computer geeks tell you just how open it is after they root their phone. As a side note, rooting your Android phone to make it do anything you want is pretty much the same as hacking your iPhone to make it do whatever you want. In this case, the person calling Android open and iPhone closed is merely slanting the story so you side with them.
  • Crapware comes with almost every Android phone – It seems that some of you love this concept from your Windows boxes. Tons and tons of (Demo) software to remove, except in some cases (as has been reported), you can’t remove things from your phone. Well, unless you know how to root it, and then we move out of the realm of “ordinary consumer” again, don’t we.
  • Google blocks competing services on its own OS – For example, when Motorola wanted to swap out Google’s built-in location services on its Android phones for a competing service from a startup called Skyhook Wireless, Google effectively forced them to stop, according to a lawsuit that Skyhook filed against Google.

Lots more to read about how “open” Google is… and to whom.

How ‘open’ is Google, really?

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