Has Motorola become the “beta” hardware maker?

It certainly seems that Motorola has taken some cues from Google. Release a product, but release it in beta. However, Motorola doesn’t advertise a beta product – they advertise a fully, ready-to-go tablet for your enjoyment. Let’s examine Motorola’s definition of ready-to-go:

Motorola’s promise: Xoom runs Flash
Translation: It will run Flash, as soon as Adobe is ready. Again, why isn’t Adobe ready? Have they not been arguing publicly with Apple about how efficient Flash is on mobile devices? Nonetheless, Motorola’s definition of ready really means “in the future.”
Motorola’s promise: Xoom can be used as Wi-Fi only
Translation: The current Xoom’s Wi-Fi capability is unlocked with a one-month minimum data plan by Verizon. Pony up for one month of 3G service and then you can have Wi-Fi. Oh, right. A Wi-Fi only device is coming some time later
Motorola’s promise: Xoom will also run on 4G LTE
Transaltion: Oh, right… 4G, but not right now. However, I have some good news for you. In approximately 90 days, you’ll be able to use 4G. Isn’t that great? Simply send in your Xoom (presumably to Motorola) and they will upgrade it for you. You’ll be without it for approximately 6 days. Nice and convenient.

You know, I may be biased against Motorola, but here I thought they were releasing a fully-finished product. Instead, you have to wait for Flash (even though it’s advertised) and you can run 4G with your free, mail-in hardware upgrade. Sounds like a lot of work. I suspect the average consumer won’t be buying, but a lot of geeks-living-in-their-parent’s-basement will be buying the hell out of these.

Official Details of the 4G LTE Upgrade Process for the Motorola XOOM

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