Excuses go from 0 to Xoom in a Flash!

Who do we take to task today? I think it would have to be Motorola.

As a pro-Apple user, I can’t help but to have a sore spot for Motorola – the company that took 18 months to get past 500MHz and never got past 167MHz for the front-side bus. But, I digress…

Where was I? Oh, right. I suppose I didn’t stray too much. Let’s talk about the Xoom. All our Android fans need something new that they can boast about to all their iPad-carrying buddies. So, rather than write more paragraphs, let’s look at some boast-worthy attributes of the Xoom. 😛

  • It’s more expensive. Apple-haters LOVE more expensive stuff. Oh, right. They don’t. But in this case, they’ll make an exception. Get your entry-level tablet here. Only $800!!!!
  • It has Flash! Take that, Apple-sheep-lovers. I mean… take that, Apple-lover-sheep. Oh, what’s this? Flash won’t be out until early spring? I thought Flash was mobile-ready. Adobe has been claiming this since 2007. Why isn’t Flash PERFECT by now? C’mon. I’m waiting for the excuses. This post is public. Start adding them.
  • It does allow for wi-fi only. You don’t need 3G……… The Xoom when it ships will cost $800 off-contract and will require users to pay for one month of Verizon 3G service with activation before having permission to use Wi-Fi. Motorola chief Sanjay Jha has said a Wi-Fi only version is coming and should cost roughly $600, but it won’t be available until sometime later. Please ignore the fine print. Don’t read it. I said don’t press control + (or command +) to see it. It’s like an eclipse and will burn your eyes out.

Moto Xoom confirmed for Feb 24, Flash delayed until spring

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1 Response to Excuses go from 0 to Xoom in a Flash!

  1. DeRS says:

    Well, Xoom is plasticky so it really has its cheapo side! Not in the price, but still! All Android fans, rejoice!

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