☤ Stupid nurses kill your family members.

Next time you or a loved one goes to the hospital, be sure to document everything they do, especially when it comes to giving medication. Did you know that there are many nurses in the industry that don’t understand decimal places in numbers? To them, 0.1, 0.01, 0.001, 1.0 – those are all the same numbers. So, when they give your mom some Coumadin, the nurses don’t know the difference in dosing (or the difference between mg and mcg and all that moving the silly dot around when the numbers are all the same anyway).

Of course, it does matter, especially with a medication like Coumadin (a blood thinner, by the way — Read about it.). These kinds of things happen all the time. How do I know, since these things are never posted in the news or released by hospitals? I know enough nurses who tell horror stories of their stupid coworkers. And, to make matters worse, the hospitals have internal reporting systems for these things, but that never gets the staff fired or reprimanded. In fact, the hospitals generally cover these things up.

So…. no links for evidence in this case. Evidence would mean a hospital shutdown. Do what I told you. Document everything. Use your phone and video them doing their stupid stuff. Stupid nurses on youtube killing/injuring a patient may sadly be needed to actually get stupid nurses removed from health care and made to super-size fries (so, wait… when I super-size, does that little dot thingy move to the left or to the right?).

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