24 hours later — analysts still report false info…

This post is a continuation of analysts posting incorrect info and completely ignoring facts. Welcome the latest analyst being Taken to Task™.

This uninformed analyst said the following TODAY:

Apple’s iPad is still the best-selling tablet device on the market, and nobody weeps over a 75% worldwide market share — unless it was 95% in the previous quarter. That’s what happened to Apple as sales of Google Android tablets went from 100,000 units shipped in the third quarter of 2010 to 2.1 million in the fourth quarter.

Android now holds about 22% of the tablet market, according to the report by research firm Strategic Analytics, reported by BusinessWeek.

Most of those Android devices are presumably Samsung Galaxy tablets. It was the breakout hit for Android’s tablet software, and the Korean manufacturer announced weeks ago that it had sold two million of the devices by early December.

It has already been admitted by Samsung – yesterday – that Samsung’s 2,000,000 tablets were merely shipments to stores to stock shelves, not sales to customers, which they admitted was still pretty low. And, if that’s not enough of some pie-in-your-face to Samsung, today we see the following article: Galaxy Tab a dim bulb

The Galaxy Tab, Samsung’s answer to the iPad, might better be called the boomerang as one Wall Street firm has found that an eye-popping 15 percent of those sold are being returned.

The Galaxy Tab is a slow-seller, as well, according to analysts.

The 15 percent return rate, which covers sales from its November debut through Jan. 16, compares to a 2 percent return rate for Apple’s iPad.

“Consumers aren’t in love with the device,” said Tony Berkman, a consumer tech analyst with ITG…

Thanks, Carol. Apparently, you continue to ignore the facts that were brought to light. I guess you are the epitome of American journalism these days.

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