When a tech article is written by a dumb blonde.


Chelsea Ritschel’s hit-whore headline: “Apple rumored to be replacing iPhone chargers with Android cables.”

What this dummy doesn’t get is….

  • Apple has been moving to all USB-C with its laptop line in 2015.
  • Apple has been promoting USB-C equally as long.
  • Apple has just recently pushed its iPad Pro line to USB-C.
  • USB-C isn’t an “Android” cable.

This girl clearly needs to stick to fellatio, as her tech knowledge is non-existent.

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What. The. Fuck. Apple?

Come on, guys? Really? A slightly bent iPad Pro – a device that easily costs $1000+ – is not a defect?

I will defend you guys almost any day, but I can’t defend this one. Something is clearly going awry in the company and, even if it isn’t Tim’s fault directly, he’s the one letting it happen.

Here’s what you need to do immediately.

  • Stop letting Jony have so much power. Yes. The guy is a great designer, but he’s letting design fuck around with thermal dynamics. My 2014 MacBook Pro is just fine. It’s light. It’s thin. It’s keyboard is normal. The newest, thinnest MBPs are unnecessarily thin, with a crappy keyboard and a useless Touch Bar. I’m so glad that my MBP is still going strong, but I’m not looking at MBPs to replace it. System76 has caught my eye….
  • The iPad (and iPhone) does not have to be so stupidly thin, it not only has more potential to bend, but the camera lens actually protrudes from the device. There is a too thin. You’ve passed that line.
  • Ok, guys. MacBook or MacBook Air? You couldn’t be more flip-floppy if you tried. Which one will remain? We don’t need both. As it stands, the MBA is what the MacBook should have been.
  • iPhone XS? XS Max? XR? Stop with this fucking dumb naming convention. XS reads as “ex es,” not “ten es.” Combining Roman numerals with regular letters is dumb.
  • The XR is positioned stupidly. It may sell, but the days of small, medium, large (low, middle, high prices) are clearly gone and I miss them. It kept the lines simple.

Stop being stupid. You have a loyal customer base and you’re willing to throw them away over stupid decisions? I miss Jobs. Not because he was a visionary, but he was good at saying “no” to stupid shit and keeping the product lines simple.

Oh, well. I don’t anticipate anyone from Apple ever actually reading this.

End rant.

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Oh, the fun crypto world.

What’s been going on? Simple.

  • Htmlcoin has dropped in value, but keeps chugging along.
  • PCN died, sort of. Daps still exists and will be forging ahead. PXN has stepped in to rescue the now-abandoned PCN.
  • Lots of htmlcoin tokens have emerged.

Now that we’ve covered the nonsense, some red flags.

1) htmlbunker promises to allow htmlcoin and their own htmlcoin-tokens to trade with many currencies. Sounds good, but…

2) They want $1000 (USD) per token to become a “founding member.” Essentially, you just pay your fees up front.

3) Their latest announcement has to do with their lawyers. Having bought penny stocks in the past, celebrating smoke-and-mirrors is a typical move.

4) Their main website is still just a WordPress/wix site, and not even an amazing one.

I’m not saying htmlbunker is a scam. I am saying, if it turns out to be, it wouldn’t be very surprising.

I would say, “Buyer beware,” but so many people ignore that advice and take out mortgages for crypto anyway.

After all this, where do I stand? Same place. Still holding htmlcoin. Still holding PCN. Still waiting for my DAPS airdrop based on the snapshot of PCN I had went stuff went down. Still waiting on PXN’s swap to begin.

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Making a Peep


Well, I haven’t changed my Htmlcoin position (in terms of amount held), but I have started investing in Peepcoin. This really cheap coin (sells for 1 sat, but not for much longer) will be swapping in the coming months for DAPS (https://dapscoin.com).

It’ll be a 1:1 swap, so whatever insane amount you amass now, you’ll still have.

The benefit of getting in now is that Peepcoin (PCN) has a staking rate of 100% annually. That’s not a typo or error. 100%. Obviously, the majority of us getting in now won’t ever got that 100%, but we can enjoy the fruits of high staking nonetheless. After the swap, it’ll be closer to 4-12%. Still nothing to sneeze at, but will be a lot less.

Now I hold enough Peep and html that becoming an Accidental Millionaire becomes a little more real.

I can’t promise that you’ll make a lot of money, but if you’re looking to jump into a coin at the ground floor, which has the ability to grow itself, hurry the fuck up!

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What does Den, an admin in the htmlcoin Telegram group, think of you?

Essentially, now that people are questioning what’s going on with the core group of htmlcoin, admins like Den are referring to htmlcoin’s members as gamblers.

You’re not an investor. You’re a gambler. Now, to be fair, he isn’t wrong, but if you’re going to pretend to have a corporate structure (*cough* LLC *cough*) and a CEO, then you need to treat the people buying into it with some respect. Either that, or you’re a scam.

I don’t think htmlcoin is a scam. I do, however, think the concept of business and building a business is way beyond Amando’s grasp. Instead of asking for help or accepting help, he attempts to do it his way or the highway (some have chosen the highway; some have been kicked onto it).

With all the need to know info right now to quell the community’s fears, our only interaction is with a guy named Den (mostly) who is loud, obnoxious, and wants you to just accept things as they are. If you question it, it’s FUD. If you criticize Amando, you’re bashing him.

I want this coin to succeed but, unless Amando changes things, we’re stuck with shitty people like Den representing the community.

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Where do we begin?  Things keep getting progressively worse in the Telegram chat.  What used to be a fun place to talk and joke and ask questions has become a very controlled environment.  Post only positive stuff or else.  It has gotten so bad, people who used to be on the core team have been banned.  Question that, and you’re banned.

Amando, what are you doing?  Htmlcoin was flourishing at the beginning of the year and now it’s flushing.  FIX THIS.  Step 1 would be to get rid of your ban-happy admins, including Den, Mary, and Julia.

I’m still a supporter of htmlcoin, but not the gestapo running the chat.


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CryptoDrama Continues!

If you’ve always wanted to watch a soap opera but never knew which one to watch, simply go here.  The amount of nonsense with htmlcoin is amazing.  From supposedly-fired team members to yet more drops in value, it’s never ending fun.

Yet, despite these endless setbacks, I continue to buy.  Why?  Because you don’t bet against an immortal.  😛  That’s right, for all the crap it goes through, htmlcoin doesn’t die.  To be clear, I don’t want it to die.  I want it to thrive.  Sadly, it’s either being mismanaged or many team members are less than ethical with what they’re pulling.  Who knows?  I sure don’t.  What I do know is…. “htmlcoin was poisoned, shot, stabbed, hung, stretched, disemboweled, drawn and quartered…” and it’s still going.

You guys can run if you want, but I’m sticking around.  If it goes to 0, oh well.  If it goes to 50sats, I’ll send you pictures from my island.  😛

Donations accepted in the following currencies:

  • HWfbTZkypahXmZrnmtQ7UcG97JMfGnvV9P – htmlcoin (the current version, NOT the older html5)
  • 3CZJPQryqLJoc2qDdmG9ztsZr9fAjPqG3F – Bitcoin
  • MEa4mUoWximoQWk6pLj5kTf3h4LrNdwSgr – Litecoin
  • 0x56B437916aFdffD6115C4F32F857f0C13988485d – Ethereum (ETH only, not the older ETC).
  • Mm3rSgi34U5RMnrdusjWeK8UuWNmJu1ogq – Zeitcoin
  • https://freebitco.in/?r=571935&tag=TakeToTask – Referral.  Tip nothing at all.  Simply sign up and use one of the best Bitcoin faucets to date.  Doesn’t pay much but, if you get to 30000 satoshis (0.0003), they will pay you 4.08% APY if you keep your balance with them.  Highly trusted and around since 2013, at least.


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