The “Monopoly guy” does not recognize that his arrogant statement has been made before.

Per the “Monopoly Guy” (Mercedes-Benz chairman Dieter Zetsche)

“If there were a rumour that Mercedes or Daimler planned to start building smartphones then they (Apple) would not be sleepless at night. And the same applies to me.”

That same smugness was applied by Palm CEO Ed Colligan in 2006:

“We’ve learned and struggled for a few years here figuring out how to make a decent phone,” he said. “PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They’re not going to just walk in.”

Proof that people would rather assume someone else can’t come in and take over rather than innovate and grow. I realize that Mercedes-Benz is no slouch of a company, but everyone crumbles when they underestimate competition.

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Just another quick thank you!

Somebody was kind enough to make an HTML5COIN donation. I just want to say thank you!

And, no time like the present to ask others for donations as well. I’m here to call analysts and other posters out on their nonsense. They get paid to lie or, at the very least, state a lot of fluff to get people going (or put the word “Apple” in their headlines to get clicks).

With your support, I can make this so much more of a full-time thing and it only costs cryptocurrency. :D

As always, I accept:
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Did I miss something?

The first tablet for Google’s “Honeycomb” version of the Android operating system was a disastrous flop. Xoom sales were dreadful, and Motorola quickly canned the project.

But Google was onto something. Android has since surpassed the iPad to become the tablet leader.

Can someone tell me when Google overtook the iPad? Is there a link? Because even a reputable site like Android Police points to the iPad as the tablet to get.

iPad Air 2 ($499-expensive). Yes, I am breaking the gift guide by putting this here. Why? Because as you’ll notice, none of us recommended the Nexus 9 (edit: Cameron recommended it, but don’t listen to him), because it’s not exactly great. In fact, I’d argue no Android tablet is. The Shield Tablet is a lot of bang for your buck, but the screen kind of sucks and the battery life isn’t spectacular (standby is bad in particular) and it’s heavy, thick, and kinda ugly.

The iPad Air 2 doesn’t run Android and I don’t really care that it doesn’t run Android, because as far as I’m concerned, it’s either this or a Galaxy Tab S if you’re in the market for a premium tablet at this point, and I’m not too hot on the Exynos processor / 16GB of storage / Samsung’s update track record that you get with the Tab S 8.4. The 10.5 is also just too big, and I’m not sure I want an 8.4″ tablet, either, it’s a hair too small. The Nexus 9 is the right size, but pretty much the wrong everything else.

The Air 2 is reliable, predictable, and very fast. iOS still has some tablet experience apps lacking Android equivalents, too, and while Android tablets do have some advantages (like a better Gmail app BY FAR), the iPad remains a no-brainer for me. If it’s my money being spent on a tablet, I’m going to buy the one I know is going to live up to a standard of quality – the iPad has been the gold standard in tablets since it was unveiled, and that hasn’t changed. I don’t see it changing any time soon, either.

We’ll assume that David Goldman at CNN has zero idea what he’s talking about.

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Preemptive Strike…

I know I’m unknown in the tech world or blogging world. On occasion, I get some readers and followers, and it’s only a matter of time before someone says, “Look!!!111 This Apple user says Apple is the suxxx!”

So, let’s just point out that:

  • Mac OS X is still better than Windows XP/Vista/7/8/(what’s a 9?)/10. Some quality issues on *some* Apple-made software, perhaps, but what is working well still works well. And even some of the stuff where quality falls short is eventually brought back up to snuff. Oh, yeah, and malware is still only trojan horses. You can’t trick *me* into installing stuff, so I’m forever good it would seem.
  • Android’s security model is still like that one Mitch Hedberg joke:

    To do this show, I had to take a physical, and they asked me a lot of medical questions. And they were, like, yes and no questions, but they were very strangely worded. Like, ‘Have you ever tried sugar — or PCP?’

    That joke is Android’s security model. You either say yes to the whole list of things it wants or no. There is no saying yes to photos but no to messages. That’s hardly secure and, for people who seem to love “choice,” that security model gives you ZERO choice. Oh, the irony… :P

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Apple — Perception Problems Persist

A friend of mine has been using iPhones for years. Her boyfriend, however, is a staunch Android fan. So, of course, he takes his pot shots at her choice of phone when he can.

She is not so techie. Moving music to and from iTunes is still somewhat challenging for her. Creating ringtones is just not a possibility for her and she doesn’t want to pay 99¢ for one (and I cannot say I blame her).

Now, with the latest iOS 8 debacle, it has been difficult for her to get iOS 8 on her phone. Sure, there are ways to do it (such as using iTunes because OTA requires too much storage), but she doesn’t want to do that. Nor does she want to start deleting a million things.

Enter Android again. Copying music to and from? SIMPLE. Downloading and installing ringtones? SIMPLE. Don’t have enough space for something? Swap out the SD card (and yes, even non-techies understand this).

So, similarly to what we see on Daring Fireball today, Apple is seemingly losing the “functional higher ground.” I don’t know that I would have agreed completely, but knowing someone who is not computer savvy saying, “I think I’m done with iPhone” is a problem. Doesn’t matter that Android is fragmented. Doesn’t matter than Android gets shittier versions of apps. Doesn’t matter that malware threats are far more common and can do far more damage. These threats don’t stop people from buying Windows year after year after year. It won’t stop Android users either.

AND… let me reiterate this again. PERCEPTION. IS. EVERYTHING. Do you know how many people won’t try another iPhone for how shitty the iPhone 3G was (or even the iPhone 4 with how quickly it would get slow and the home button would stop working)? The funny thing about how this works is, because Apple is one company making the whole widget, people won’t care if that was “just an iPhone 3G” problem. They’ll perceive it as Apple being the problem (which, technically, is correct). Contrast with Android, where someone may perceive Samsung to be the problem, even if it’s Android, and go buy an LG or HTC phone (with the same problematic or insecure version of Android) and not give another thought to it. Android’s perception problem is clouded and shrouded by the handset manufactures. You can simply have a “better Android” by buying a Motorola Phone or…. You see my point?

*I* know the iPhone is a great phone. I know iOS is a great OS (even if Apple does need to rein in on the quality some). Apple, you don’t have a problem yet…. but you will if you keep sliding down this slope. Fix the software quality. Don’t rush to get software out on hardware schedules. Stop making things needlessly difficult in some places (I really shouldn’t need iTunes for ANYTHING anymore, as far as getting stuff to and from, especially updates that require more space with OTA).

Finally, fix the space problem, Apple. 5GB TOTAL free per iCloud account in 2015 is simply not acceptable. If I’m buying 64GB hardware from you, you should either match that or, at the very least, give me 5GB free per device for my account. I have no problem with you wanting to make money on storage, but the free amount of storage is almost insulting, when comparing to what Google and Microsoft offer their users free.

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Computers are annoying!

A friend of mine who has spent the last few weeks laptop hunting on Amazon, Tiger Direct, etc. keeps having issues over and over with what she is getting.  From hardware feeling slow to not connecting to some of the internet (some sites won’t load and some browsers refuse to download), her fun just kept going.  The latest ones she got, she felt that the Pentium machine was faster than the Core i3 machine.

One of the machines harassed her with numerous pop-ups out of the box:

  • Install open download manager…
  • Please update to the latest version of software for better performance
  • “…or some other stuff…”

She concluded that computers are annoying.

My reply?

No.  Computers are not annoying.  What you describe is a Windows problem.  Windows is annoying.

It’s not to say you probably can’t have similar issues with a used Mac ordered online, but the few people I know who bought *old* Macbooks (white ones that can’t go past Snow Leopard), they run circles around their Windows counterparts.

In summation, if you believe that Windows represents what computer usage is (or should be), you’ve been using the wrong computers for FAR.  TOO.  LONG.  It would be like someone in North Philly refusing to move because “all neighborhoods have crime.”

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Benefits of Android phones over iPhones.

As another friend gets talked into Android by his many friends talking about how much better Android is and how “lame” the iPhone is, I thought I’d beat a dead horse again. I decided to Google “benefits of Android” and came across this little gem.

So, let’s have fun ripping apart Alastair Stevenson’s goofy, not-well-thought-out reasons…

  1. A more open ecosystem – While I admit that this has some benefits, it ***ONLY*** benefits high-end computer users. Not necessarily only power users, but people who understand the risks of downloading software from “anywhere.” Regular people STILL don’t understand this on computers. What makes you think this is better for “mom and dad” who were lured to a website for “Candy Crush?” So, for the average user, this is not a benefit. Oh, ok…. I guess some of you want mobile MalwareBytes. Enjoy that.
  2. Apps are cheaper on Android than iOS – So… free is cheaper than free? Really? Because, last time I checked, I haven’t paid for an app very often. Sure, the regularly-paid-for items in iOS may be free on Android, but that’s because most Android users I know have hippie-like beliefs (“Software should be free, man!”). I’m not sure developers agree with that so, IF they decide to make an Android version, they just slap some ads on it and get a fraction of payment.
  3. Customisable UI offers productivity benefits – Subjective, at best. Seems like many people are quite productive on iOS (especially on iPads where, in 2014, the Android tablet market STILL sucks in comparison).
  4. Cross-platform nature makes it more flexible – In what way has Android become more flexible? Oh, is that why IBM decided to use Android for their enterprise apps? Wait… they didn’t? They used the “fairly hostile” iOS platform, it seems. Ah, Stevenson just loves making things up, it seems.
  5. NFC-enabled for a cashless future – What’s cool is, with NFC, Google changed the mobile payment industry. Everyone was using…. Oh, they weren’t? Only a couple geeks were? Right. Yeah. It wasn’t until Apple came out with Apple Pay (NFC) on the iPhones did people register credit cards and start using it. In fact, people used it so much, a competing mobile payment service forced stores to turn off NFC, (lack of actual NFC using) Android users be damned
  6. Open use lets manufacturers create bespoke devices – Subjective, once again! I mean, it’s true that people and companies can customize Android, but I’ve yet to see that in the mainstream or be a driving force.
  7. Multiple prices for devices – I LOVE this one. While it’s true that iPhones have relatively small price points, let’s beat this one to death again. And then beat the dead “body” to death…
    • iPhones range from $0 – hundreds of dollars. What do you get? The latest OS.
    • Android phones range from $0 – hundreds of dollars. What do you get? Randroid™.
  8. Innovations reach the market quicker – Define innovation. NFC wasn’t innovation. It was feature added to Android that nobody was using. A bigger screen isn’t innovation either. My TV is 46″. Even some of Android’s features that were around before iOS officially had them could be found in the iOS jailbreak community and even WebOS. Oh, but you know, you can wave your finger in front of Samsung device cameras to scroll the screen. It works like shit, but there’s your “innovation,” I suppose.
  9. Raft of wearables arriving – Yeah, amazing stuff. So amazing, I see Google/Samsung everywhere. By everywhere, of course, I mean nowhere. I only see Pebble watches. With the Apple Watch around the corner, I suspect we’ll see more of that. I don’t even think the Apple Watch is what I want, as it suffers from the same thing as Samsung – shitty battery life. Again, coming to market first with things people don’t necessarily want isn’t a benefit.
  10. Better choice of devices – Better choice? If you mean you can get a range of devices, many with shitty hardware and build quality, then you’re right. More choices == More chances…. to get some complete shit. Even the latest Android tablet isn’t quite up to par. Hey, don’t forget, Randroid™!!!
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