Samuel Burke needs an article with LOTS OF HITS.

As usual, when someone needs to write an article to appear relevant and drive traffic, they write a negative, “sky is falling” article about Apple.

Samuel Burke is just this week’s fool. His article’s headline – Apple Pay Double Charge – clearly is meant to draw in the customer and suggest there’s a problem with Apple.


Sorry. Was curious what it felt like to be Samuel. Where was I? Oh, that’s right…. bringing you the truth. ← Looky here, Professor Burke. An artice that truthfully explains that Bank of America had the glitch, not Apple, and they are fixing the problem.

In closing, CNN & Samuel Burke are just doing the normal “analyst/journalist” nonsense – distort the truth, generate traffic and advertising revenue…. then do it again.


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Have you joined the Cryptocurrency world yet?

I realize that I’m always asking for donations, but it never occurred to me that I could just get donations via referrals.  So, I’m going to make some recommendations… GOOD recommendations.  This becomes a win-win in the cryptocurrency world.

Recommendation #1:  Faucets
Faucets are websites where you can put in your coin address and get a “drop” of coin. Think of a leaky faucet where you hear that annoying drip only, in this case, each drip is a bit of coin. Nothing annoying about that (unless you’re annoyed it’s not enough :P).

  •  Bitcoin Faucet – You can “roll” every hour and win some Bitcoin. If you set it to autopay, it pays every Sunday around 11AM (EDT). If you’re less trusting, you can do manual pay for some fee. I gave them ONE chance to not pay me before I’d switch to manual pay. Good news! They’ve never screwed up. I’m paid weekly as long as I keep playing! Autopay has a minimum amount (something like 0.00005400). If you have exceeded that, you get paid! Yes, this link is a referral link. So, I get some Bitcoin just for referring you and it does not take from your winnings to pay me. In turn, I can (and will) reward you by paying back some Bitcoin to my referrals! See? Win-win.
  • Dogecoin Faucet – This works the same way. Also a referral link!

Recommendation #2: Exchanges
Play the stock market? Same thing, only it’s with Cryptocurrency. The exchange I personally use and recommend is Bleutrade. They have made it very easy to learn and they allow you to trade anything for anything (assuming those “anythings” are coins in their exchange). That means it’s possible to trade a new altcoin for Bitcoin, or a new altcoin for old altcoins… and vice versa. One of the better features they have is what they call BLEU shares (not to be confused with BLU coin, which happens frequently). By acquiring BLEU shares, the exchange acts like a faucet. The actual amount you get is dependent upon both fees collected for a particular coin AND how many shares of BLEU you have. The beauty of BLEU is, it also gets more from the faucet effect, so having BLEU means you’ll get more BLEU.
Their affiliate program (my referral link) means that any trades or fees collected from your trades guarantees me 10% of that. Again, they don’t take from you to give to me, so you don’t lose anything in the deal. And, the more affiliates you sign up afterwards, the more you’ll get from others. Nobody loses.

Lastly, feeling generous but don’t want to give better known coins because you, like me, are scrambling from faucets just to get the small amount you have now? I gladly accept HTML5coin.

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“The sky is falling… for real. No, for real!!!!1″ Windows users love a good Mac malware article.
A couple days ago, I read a Yahoo article regarding a new Mac “worm.” The article points to about 17,000 Macs being used in a botnet.

Once again, the article above is the sensational one. MACS done be getting VIRUSES and WINDOWS AM ARe safer!!@

The below link, however, confirms what I had already thought to be true. Once again, the user has to download questionable software (usually pirated apps) and run an installer which *requires* admin rights to continue.

So, the user is at fault.

Finally, many Windows users love to claim Windows is more secure because it has *insert random security feature here*.

Now, if that were true, then North Philly would be the safest neighborhood ever. Bars on windows. Doors with multiple deadbolts. Guns everywhere. Sounds like nobody would be messing with anyone or robbing anyone because you’d know what to expect. NOPE. Worst place for killings, muggings, stealing, theft, etc.

Contrast that to a suburban area like Plumsteadville. While there may or may not be gun carriers there, there are no bars on windows, no deadbolts on doors, cars and houses may or may not be unlocked. Thefts are minimal. Same with muggings and thefts.  One *could* steal stuff simply by opening most doors.

So, Windows has the same amount of “security” as North Philly and, accordingly, is equally as safe.

Mac, seemingly, has the same amount of security as Plumsteadville (but I’d argue that Unix has security down far better than Windows ever will), yet it is as safe as Plumsteadville. In fact, just a little vigilance (like not downloading questionable software and granting admin rights) will keep you safe without “security software.”

I know I’m beating a dead horse.
I know, to the Mac crowd, I’m preaching to the choir.
I know, to the Windows crowd, I sound like an apologist for this piece of malware.

Consider this. I have been visiting seedy sites since 1997. I have downloaded stuff. Watched videos. I have never been infected. There’s the usual chorus of Windows users that chant, “Well, you wouldn’t know because it’s hidden.” And, if that’s the case, Windows users, my bank accounts would have been depleted a million times over.

It’s ok. I’ve learned that the Windows crowd NEEDS to believe they have the better system. They either have IT certificates that tell them so, or their friend is an IT guy who assured them Windows is better… or, you know, “Macs are toys” because Windows has more games for it (love that counter-intuitive argument)… or they still believe Macs are not compatible… or they still believe Macs have no software…. Pick an excuse.  They’ve used it or will shortly…

  • You guys enjoy your quad-core processors that waste cycles on anti-malware programs (usually more than one).
  • You guys enjoy your ability to get malware just from visiting the wrong page.
    You guys enjoy your OS’ inexplicable rollback of updates it just took an hour trying to install.
  • You guys enjoy your annual or bi-annual reinstall of Windows because *insert stupid, but apologist reason here*.
  • You guys enjoy random registry corruption.
  • You guys enjoy random Windows file system corruption (admittedly, nowhere near as bad as XP used to be with its “hive error”).

In closing, I can keep doing what I do daily on my Mac. You guys better make sure Avast is up-to-date on your machine. BTW, I picked Avast because I happen to think they’re one of the better Windows anti-virus programs, its free for home use, and I always use it on my Windows VMs.

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This is not a normal TakeToTask article.  It’s a “Wow, how did they do that?” article.

HTMLcoin started off differently from the other altcoins. Its difficulty barely increased during the numerous months of its existence. You could get 50,000 HTMLcoin within minutes… some of us became “billionaires” in this coin fairly quickly.

Of course, like any “currency,” if you can just get it, it’s not worth a damn thing. For that reason, many pronounced this coin DOA. Didn’t matter that the dev pushed this coin. Nobody was “buying into” his shtick.

BUT… unlike so many altcoins that have disappeared, HTMLcoin found its niche. It traded VERY well with Doge. People found themselves “rich” in both HTML *and* Doge. Again and again, HTML would go up and down, allotting traders a varying degree of Doge. Of course, when you’re only able to trade for a small amount of Dogecoin, your run is almost over. Then the mystery would happen and it would fly up again. HTMLcoin has defied logic its entire run. It even traded for Litecoin on the rare occasion.

Despite numerous insistence from so-called experts, HTML continued to trade. I even suggested people stop looking at HTMLcoin as a “get rich like Bitcoin” scheme and think of it more as a learning coin. You could amass it quickly and trade it without *feeling* like you were losing anything. I know it helped me in the altcoin trading area. On Bleutrade, you could even trade HTML for a fair amount of BLEU (Bleutrade’s own internal “shares,” that act like faucets for all coins).

Finally, HTML acknowledged (publicly) that their algorithm was flawed. Difficulty never increased and I believe the amount of HTMLcoin exceeded their original (proposed) limit of coins.

Enter HTML5coin, which debuted publicly on 9-25-2014. It was handled in a 1:15 split, meaning you got 1 new HTML5 for every 15 old HTML. The lucky few on Bleutrade could get it for 1:13, which was a bit nicer.

After the 9-25 trade, HTML5 is seemingly holding its own. Admittedly, I don’t yet know how to mine it. I mean, I got the x15 miner and tried CPU-mining, but it just boos me (meaning the shares are not accepted). Nonetheless, HTML5coin is proof that, if you want the coin to succeed and you have a community behind it, some bumps in the road will not stop you.

I am a proud holder of HTML5coin and yes, I realize it may never be worth anything. I also realize, as HTMLcoin has already proven, it could skyrocket without logical explanation. So, come and join the community. It really is the epitome of you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


And yes, I absolutely accept HTML5coin donations!

Update: ./minerd -a bitblock -o stratum+tcp:// -u worker.username -p worker.passsword ← Hey. I figured out how to make the miner work for X15.
More details here:

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Welcome to TWO WEEKS AGO!

Hey, By Kristian Ramos, you used one example of where Apple may be doing something after Samsung. I know you feel like a “big screen” is Samsung “innovation” that Apple finally “copied,” but it seems in your need for a story, you took a non-story from two weeks ago – one I debunked already (see link next to big red arrow above) – and pretended to do an “Ooooooooooooh, snap, Apple” headline because it has the word “Apple” in it… and you must desperately need hits to keep your “analyst” job. ← (A non-story, that’s actually a repeat of another non-story, based on a meme, that’s already been discredited).

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Android’s most innovative feature is Randroid™ – where you are guaranteed to get a random version Android, regardless of how much money you spend.

Top that, Apple.

Just some of what you get when you buy more damn dung from Samsung!

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“Welcome to 2012.”

Let’s address these, shall we?

  • 4.7 Inch Screen.  Is this a feature?  I’m not fully convinced that this is a necessary “feature,” but yes, I get that people want a larger screen.  So.. here it is.
  • 750p resolution.  I confess… I don’t know what this is.  The more I Google it, the more I get “corrected” to 720p.
  • NFC payments.  WOW!  Android had this first.  Ok.  And it really took off.  Oh, no it didn’t.  Almsot nobody uses it.  Time will tell if people use Apple’s implementation.  I can tell you that Touch ID is the make-or-break feature that makes NFC compelling.  Nobody is using my NFC, even if they steal the phone.
  • Widgets — Yes.  Android wins that round.  We’ll see if I care, because I still don’t care about them on Mac.
  • 3rd-party keyboard.  It is a nice addition, but let’s not pretend this wasn’t here for technical reasons.  There’s a philosophy change and it’s a smart one.
  • Typing suggestions sounds nice.  Another catch up for iPhone.  Or, maybe they found a better method.  It’s probably the former.
  • Cross-app communication.  I’m GLAD Apple smartly thought this through.  Android has a very all-or-nothing security model.  Don’t like it.  Apple waits until they figure it out (usually).  I like the fact that they have sand-boxed apps connecting now.
  • Cloud photo backup.  I don’t know this one either.  I do think Apple could bump that 5GB free to something usable.  Different argument, however…
  • Battery stats.  I don’t know how they compare anymore.  So many graphics skewed to show good/bad performance, depending on agenda.

So, for me, I see many shallow points in which it *looks* like Apple is playing catch up.  But, let’s beat a dead horse, shall we?

  • Apple is ahead of everyone else in terms or processor.
    • 2nd generation 64-bit chip (A8).  CPU is up to 25% faster; GPU is up to 50% faster.  Still keeps pace with those FOUR CORE chips that Android uses (and those chips run at 2.xGHz, not 1.4GHz that the A8 runs at)
    • Android is just getting to 64-bit and those 64-bit processors are slowly trickling.  Welcome to 2013, Android.
  • Android’s security model is all-or-nothing.  Can’t allow an app access to photos but deny it access to contacts.  Since Apple implemented the “a la carte” security model in iOS 6 (2012), if/when Android decides to follow, we can welcome them to the 2012 security model.  Until then, they have the 1995 (Windows 95) security model.  Maybe.
  • Apple has more apps and higher-quality apps.  This differs from Windows having more apps, because Apple still wins there in quality apps.
  • Android has gotten leaner, but let’s not pretend that throwing more cores and GHz at Android to make it smoother makes it a faster and better OS than iOS.  If anything, Android still has a lot of catching up to do to run smoothly and without lag on a dual-core CPU running at 1.4GHz.  We’ll never see that but, if we did, it would probably suck.

In closing, the appearance is, Apple needs to catch up (or is just catching up now).  The reality is, Android has a lot of catching up to do in the actual technical areas that the nerds are avoiding when they post graphics like the one above.

Android’s “speed” is smoke and mirrors.  It NEEDS quad-core chips at 2.xGHz to appear to function at the speed of iOS running on dual-core chip at 1.4GHz.  Android’s speed appearance is akin to someone boasting about their 9″ killer cock (that NEEDS Viagra to function).

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