Android’s most innovative feature is Randroid™ – where you are guaranteed to get a random version Android, regardless of how much money you spend.

Top that, Apple.

Just some of what you get when you buy more damn dung from Samsung!

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“Welcome to 2012.”


Let’s address these, shall we?

  • 4.7 Inch Screen.  Is this a feature?  I’m not fully convinced that this is a necessary “feature,” but yes, I get that people want a larger screen.  So.. here it is.
  • 750p resolution.  I confess… I don’t know what this is.  The more I Google it, the more I get “corrected” to 720p.
  • NFC payments.  WOW!  Android had this first.  Ok.  And it really took off.  Oh, no it didn’t.  Almsot nobody uses it.  Time will tell if people use Apple’s implementation.  I can tell you that Touch ID is the make-or-break feature that makes NFC compelling.  Nobody is using my NFC, even if they steal the phone.
  • Widgets — Yes.  Android wins that round.  We’ll see if I care, because I still don’t care about them on Mac.
  • 3rd-party keyboard.  It is a nice addition, but let’s not pretend this wasn’t here for technical reasons.  There’s a philosophy change and it’s a smart one.
  • Typing suggestions sounds nice.  Another catch up for iPhone.  Or, maybe they found a better method.  It’s probably the former.
  • Cross-app communication.  I’m GLAD Apple smartly thought this through.  Android has a very all-or-nothing security model.  Don’t like it.  Apple waits until they figure it out (usually).  I like the fact that they have sand-boxed apps connecting now.
  • Cloud photo backup.  I don’t know this one either.  I do think Apple could bump that 5GB free to something usable.  Different argument, however…
  • Battery stats.  I don’t know how they compare anymore.  So many graphics skewed to show good/bad performance, depending on agenda.

So, for me, I see many shallow points in which it *looks* like Apple is playing catch up.  But, let’s beat a dead horse, shall we?

  • Apple is ahead of everyone else in terms or processor.
    • 2nd generation 64-bit chip (A8).  CPU is up to 25% faster; GPU is up to 50% faster.  Still keeps pace with those FOUR CORE chips that Android uses (and those chips run at 2.xGHz, not 1.4GHz that the A8 runs at)
    • Android is just getting to 64-bit and those 64-bit processors are slowly trickling.  Welcome to 2013, Android.
  • Android’s security model is all-or-nothing.  Can’t allow an app access to photos but deny it access to contacts.  Since Apple implemented the “a la carte” security model in iOS 6 (2012), if/when Android decides to follow, we can welcome them to the 2012 security model.  Until then, they have the 1995 (Windows 95) security model.  Maybe.
  • Apple has more apps and higher-quality apps.  This differs from Windows having more apps, because Apple still wins there in quality apps.
  • Android has gotten leaner, but let’s not pretend that throwing more cores and GHz at Android to make it smoother makes it a faster and better OS than iOS.  If anything, Android still has a lot of catching up to do to run smoothly and without lag on a dual-core CPU running at 1.4GHz.  We’ll never see that but, if we did, it would probably suck.

In closing, the appearance is, Apple needs to catch up (or is just catching up now).  The reality is, Android has a lot of catching up to do in the actual technical areas that the nerds are avoiding when they post graphics like the one above.

Android’s “speed” is smoke and mirrors.  It NEEDS quad-core chips at 2.xGHz to appear to function at the speed of iOS running on dual-core chip at 1.4GHz.  Android’s speed appearance is akin to someone boasting about their 9″ killer cock (that NEEDS Viagra to function).

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Time to beg, once again.

If you enjoy my take on the goofy analysts and their “hit whoring agendas,” please consider donating in one of the following crypto-currencies.

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Remember, those guys get paid LOTS of money to drive traffic. I get nothing to call them on their BS. Any donation is always (and greatly) appreciated.

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Why are Windows laptops such shit?

Yes, I know. I can see the eye rolling from all my still-using-Windows friends who know I’m an Apple guy. They just think I enjoy bashing Windows and “overpaying” for my computers. Well, ok… the former is true. :P

Every so often, I look for Windows laptops.  I don’t want to buy them, but I want to want to buy them.  In other words, I want one to be compelling enough so I can say, “Yeah, if I needed a laptop right now and something a bit cheaper than an entry level Mac, I’d buy *this* PC laptop.”

The typical reason to buy a Windows laptop is “Well, I want a cheap laptop.”  The problem is, cheap Windows laptops are cheap… in every meaning of the word.  Most laptops under $500 are running Celerons, Pentiums, Core i3s (maybe), or an AMD who-gives-a-shit.  On top of that, they’re made of cheap plastic, are sluggish (due to the aforementioned selection of CPUs), and have a track pad that leaves a lot to be desired.  They also LOOK cheap (subjective, perhaps, but one generally can tell when they have cheap looking hardware).

Today, at Best Buy, after sampling so many of the shitty laptops I just described, I came across an older ASUS laptop.  It was selling for $429 and had a Core i5 chip.  It was very responsive, had a good track pad, and was a looker.  It was plastic, but didn’t look like a crummy piece of shit, nor did it feel like one.  I asked the sales guy about the laptop and he told me they were out of stock, “but we have this ASUS Core i3 in stock.”

And there you have it…. the other problem with buying laptops (or computers in general).  A typical consumer wouldn’t know the difference.  Oh look!  A Core i3.  It’s made by Intel.  The Best Buy guy™ recommended it.  It must be just as good and, hey, it’s slightly cheaper.  Sad to say, this particular ASUS suffered the usual Windows box problems of feeling sluggish and looking like cheap plastic.

Overall, however, ASUS is the manufacturer I’d buy from if I wanted a Windows box.  The majority of their machines look and feel the way I’ve come to expect from a laptop.  Apple sets the bar high!  :D

Verdict for now:  MacBooks are still far superior machines to 90% of the Windows counterparts.

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Facebook Messenger highlights iOS security vs. Android security.

Now that Facebook has pushed their new Messenger app on the public, some semi-scary info has come out in the form of what the app actually has access to. It also highlights iOS’ security model vs. Android’s security model.

I won’t cover each item in great detail, as that can already be found here.

Also, before I loudly proclaim what I already assumed, I checked with my friend Bill, an Android enthusiast with no bias toward or against iOS. I can always count on him to tell me like it is with Android, without the bashing. *I* may bash things I don’t like about Android, but I also don’t want to turn into a typical Windows user who bashes the Mac’s made-up faults (or faults that might have existed in 1995).

So, let’s start with the easy part – Android. Android’s security model is simple. When you go to download something, you’re provided with a list of items the app wants access to. You have to agree to that. It’s an “umbrella” agreement, meaning a yes is a yes to all. It now can do many of the things in that scary Huffington Post list. The end. The way to avoid the problem is to not download the app.

I can give much more detail for iOS because I downloaded Messenger for it to see how scary it is.
iOS has a much more piecemeal or à la carte security model. There’s no warning of what the app may want during the download process (and that’s ok). When Messenger starts up, it tells you what it needs access to, defaulting itself on the “ok” button, but providing you a smaller “not now” button. So, as the app begins, you get a choice for each thing the app wants. So far, what I have described isn’t even iOS keeping you safe, but Messenger itself. So, by tapping “not now,” you have declined the things it is asking for.

iOS comes into play if you tap ok to something in Messenger (or any new app you install, for that matter). You are presented with a dialog box that Messenger wants access to your *whatever*. You then have to explicitly give an ok there, or you can deny it if you accidentally hit ok in the Messenger app. So, Messenger can only access things IF you have given it access TWICE.

Things that Facebook generally wants access to include photos (can’t submit a photo if it can’t get to them), contacts, etc. If you’re like me, you say yes to the photos, but no to the contacts. I like that level of control to my security. There’s an article somewhere that says iOS won’t ask about photos until iOS8, but this is incorrect. Every new app on iOS7 that wants my photos needs permission.

Finally, there are some things in that list I provided which just aren’t possible on a regular, non-jailbroken iPhone. No app can change your wi-fi or network settings. That has not happened in the history of the iPhone. I have no idea if Android can/would allow such a thing to be done by an app.

I’ll close with the old argument. Android is more like openness and freedom, whereas iOS is more like a walled-garden or gated community. Last time I checked, however, many people actually want to be, and pay for, a safer, gated community. I’m in the latter camp AND I’m an IT guy.

Don’t ever invite a vampire into your house, you silly boy. It renders you powerless.” – Max (The Lost Boys)

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People who write articles with irrelevant pictures should only get jobs serving fries. The End.

Elisabeth Leamy is a prime example of why it doesn’t matter if you’re a “20-year consumer advocate of blah blah blah blah blah.”  Some people are in the position they’re in simply out of sheer luck, or they’re the incumbent, or they’ve misused their power to retain it. Who knows?

She wrote an opinion piece about a dashboard symbol that lights up when your tires are under-inflated, but the picture to go with the article is a generic car dashboard WITHOUT THE SYMBOL she’s writing about. So, if someone didn’t know what the fuck she was talking about, her article doesn’t help. Granted, my opinion is you should look at the owner’s manual and understand all the lights you see (or may see).

Elisabeth, you are unhelpful and should go do something you’re good at (writing articles with relevant pictures is not at the top of your list). To the rest of the world, she probably means this:

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The general, non-understanding public…

Ok, so Apple’s WWDC (Keynote) has come and gone.  Some pretty cool things introduced.  Even though I’m not an official developer and have never quite grasped Objective-C, you could easily tell that Swift was the “one more thing” moment that you haven’t felt come from Apple in a number of years now.

I know some Apple users were disappointed, but the funniest part had to be the Android camp.

  • Dude, Apple didn’t release a bigger phone!
  • Dude, Apple didn’t release a 5″ phone!
  • Dude, Apple didn’t release a better phone!
  • Dude, Apple didn’t release new hardware!

Apparently, Android users don’t understand DEVELOPER CONFERENCE. They only understand “SAMSUNG MAKE BIG PHONE!:P

I can’t wait to play with Swift. Maybe I’ll finally make a stupid game for iOS.

As always, please consider donating, and thanks for reading! :)

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